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M - F  12 PM CST

History Makers

Interviews from the weekly radio show “History Makers” with host Matt Prater and be inspired by stories of people who have been successful in sport, business, politics, media, ministry and life in general.


Positevley Joy.jpeg

Monday - 1 PM CST

Positively Joy

You crave real JOY, right? What are you waiting for? Do you want to embody joy? To radiate joy? It can happen!

I’d been walking around for years believing in God, but with a dead, dusty heart. But now I’m blowing the dust out of this temple, and awakening to his joy and mercies.

  POSITIVELY JOY as a podcast and ministry about the struggle for us to walk in our joy. We study the Bible, look for God in the commonplace, and find joy in the details.


Monday - 8PM CST

A Cup of Gratitude

An honest look at how gratitude can change absolutely everything. Interesting discussions and stories of finding gratitude even in the midst of life's difficulties. Everyday people sharing their extroardinary stories.


Deotions In The Deep End Thumbnail.jpg
kjv bible.png

Saturday - 7:30 AM CST

Devotions In The Deep In

A series of short messages from scripture, with the ambitious aim of eventually exploring the whole New Testament - in around 15 minutes at a time!
Cam Buchanan is the senior pastor at Mount Gambier Baptist Church in regional South Australia.

Saturday - 8 AM CST

The Dramatized KJV Bible

Every Sat. Morning 1 hour of a KJV Bible Dramatization. The only way to start your morning. 

5 PM to 7PM CST Saturday.

 The Twisted Saint and friends on  Topical discussions, inteviews, Top 20 of years from 70s  and  80's

Were excited to partner with Singer, Songwriter, Podcaster Bryan Duncan one of the founding Fathers of "Sweet Comfort Band", 16 #1 hits, 18 solo albums with his 2 minute sermons "Nut Shell Sermons".

Sponsored by Yellow Jacket Construction & Come as You Are Fellowship


  8 AM CST  Pastor Greg Locke - Global Vision Bible Church

      Juliet, TN



Every Effort Cover Art (1).png

1 PM CST Tues

Every Effort

Christian, classy, and fresh. We deliver authentic, intellectual, and approachable discussion that builds a community of fun and thoughtful people. We talk about everyday life and culture, from wisdom, relationships, and challenges, to lifestyle, career, and joys while navigating the young adult life. 

The Blues Reman Show.jpg

7 PM CST Tuesday

The Blues with Redman Show

Playing  all the amazing Blues Gospel music

  9 AM CST Pastor Joe Inman - CAYA Fellowship Ministries

Forsyth, Mo.

  10AM CST Evangelist Billy Graham Ministries

There's Hope in Jesus Christ.png

Sunday - 9 PM CST

There's Hope

         Join  award winning gospel group

Kevin & Rachelle Nelson of Sonshine Road  as they reach to encourage and uplift with a message of hope in Christ, music and interviews and laughter. Playing some of the great country gospel mix,


endzone pic.jpg

Wednesday  1 PM CST

The Endzone club

Your ONE stop for all things surrounding youth empowerment. From free teen entrepreneurial classes to NFL camps, if you name it, we HOST it.

We look forward to connecting with you guys and developing diverse programming!!


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Thursday - 1 PM CST

Sword Talk

Biblical instruction to equip you with tactics to better enable you to wage spiritual wat. Are you ready to pick up your Sword? Let's talk about it!

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